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...Also see the companion wiki on CS/IT resources <http://csitresources.pbworks.com>

Aspirations WI Affiliate Logo


WMC-2017 May 4, 2017

WMC 2017-Resources Session-pt1.pptx

WMC 2017-Resources Session-pt2.ppt


NCWIT:  Aspirations Program including the Aspirations Award, Aspire IT, the Collegiate Award and the Educator Award

Presentation at FETC as part of the CS Firehose on January 25, 2017

Two handouts:  

Plan for Increasing Girls and Underrepresented Students

Ideas for Creating Interest in CS

script for slide presentation


NCWIT K-12 Alliance - A Sampling of Publications


Moving Beyond Computer Literacy: Why schools should teach computer science



Top 10 Ways of Recruiting HS Women Into Your Computing Classes



Girls in IT:  The Facts



Why Should Young People Consider Careers in Information Technology?



Why Should Young Women Consider a Career in Information Technology?



Counselors for Computing (C4C)


includes the Pathway cards (University, Community College, Military) and the Intersecting Pathways Poster plus counselor resources including a webinar a slide presentation, an information sheet, talking points 


Computing Education and Future Jobs: National, State & Congressional District Data



How can I prepare for a computing major?



Which computing majors are right for me?



… in a Box Series

Computer Science in a Box www.ncwit.org/unplugged

Roadshow in a Box  www.ncwit.org/roadshow

Outreach in a Box  www.ncwit.org/outreach

Pair Programming in a Box  www.ncwit.org/pairprogramming


… Promising Practices Series


How Do You Introduce Computing in an Engaging Way?

Globaloria: Students Designing Educational Games (Case Study 7)



Scalable Game Design for Middle School (Case Study 6)



Snap, Create, and Share with Scratch (Case Study 5)



Storytelling (Case Study 1)



Unplugged (Case Study 2)



Gotta Have IT



By the Numbers



Award for Aspirations in Computing



WI Affiliate Award for Aspirations in Computing


Aspirations Promotion Poster_WI-for 2013-14.pdf

Aspirations Sponsorship WI.pdf


CSTA Computer Science Teachers Association



Building Student Interest in Computing


Lots of good information to support recruiting and then maintaining kids in CS classes


ACM CS Stats Slides

Much good statistical information about CS careers and the pipeline


Imagine Your Future in Computing Brochure


Spanish version:  http://csta.acm.org/Resources/sub/CareersFiles/CareersBrochureSpanish.pdf


Posters other brochures, videos and other classroom resources



CSTA K-12 CS Standards

Download the Standards document from here:  http://csta.acm.org/Curriculum/sub/K12Standards.html

Also on this page are additional documents which link (map) these standards to Common Core State Standards, to STEM Cluster Topics and to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills (http://p21.org)


Computational Thinking (link to my CT wiki which includes these and many more links)

CSTA site:  http://csta.acm.org/Curriculum/sub/CompThinking.html

ISTE site: http://www.iste.org/learn/computational-thinking  also http://www.iste.org/learn/computational-thinking/ct-toolkit

ISTE/SIGCT Computational Thinking poster:  http://sigct.iste.wikispaces.net/home#ctposter


CSTA Source Web Repository


Featured Reports

Why is K-12 CS Education Fading as Digital Economy Grows

Addressing Core Equity Issues

Ensuring Exemplary Teaching...addressing certification

The New Educational Imperative

...and others


CSTA Annual Conference

July 15 and 16, 2013 in Quincy (Boston), MA


Presentation on May 2, 2013 at Wisconsin Mathematics Council Annual Meeting at Green Lake, WI

Resources Supporting Computer Science and Information Technology

Presentation-pt 1 (focused on this wiki) and Presentation-pt 2 (focused on the wiki <http://csitresources.pbworks.com>)



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